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Best Gas Fireplace For Sale 2024 : Buyer’s Guide

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Just like the movies, winter is better spent admiring the fire sitting on the couch. Comfortable clothes, a hot coffee and the fire. You can have that even living in an apartment, without spending a lot of money, you just need a cheap and best gas fireplace and the dream is yours.

When winter arrives, days become shorter and are better spent inside. The best way to do it is to be warm and comfortable. The dream of sitting next to the fire is now possible even if you live in an apartment; you just need a cheap gas fireplace. Let´s see the best options available here.

Best Gas Fireplace Comparison Table 2024

NameVent TypeFuel TypeWeightPrice
Duluth ForgeVent-FreeDual Fuel150 poundsCheck Price
Kozy World Vent FreeDual Fuel59 poundsCheck Price
Pleasant HearthVent FreeDual Fuel120 poundsCheck Price
ProComVent-FreeDual Fuel 115 poundsCheck Price
Pleasant Hearth 46Vent-FreeDual Fuel 141 poundsCheck Price
NameVent TypeFuel TypeWeightImage

The Best Gas Fireplaces on The Market

We tested them to bring you the best gas fireplace reviews and help you make the best choice.

#1 ProCom Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove

This is a great and really cheap gas fireplace that will not take much room in your house. The thermostatic control is really useful and it can heat up to 1,100 square feet with 25,000 BTUs. It is also beautifully crafted in dark iron while those five logs up front make it as realistic as it gets.

Another good thing about the minimalistic looks is that it will go well with any decoration. I suggest the blower, which is an after market accessory but is incredibly helpful. The ProCom also gives the option to fuel it with dual sources: Liquid Propane or Natural Gas.

Finally, let´s say that heaters like this gas fireplace are going to make you save a lot of money. It is best rated natural gas fireplaces on the market right now.

#2 Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT Compact Vent-Free Gas Stove

This is a little smaller than the last one and will heat up to 700 square feet with 20,000 BTUs. The great thing about the size of this gas fireplace is that it will heat up your entire house without taking too much space.

The thermostat will allow you to dial-in any temperature you want and since it is so powerful, it will save you a lot of money. Another important feature to point out is that it comes with a full two year warranty that covers any factory defects.

Lastly, the dual fuel input can have your house hot and cozy even if there´s a power or gas shortage. I suggest you locate this great stove in your main room and enjoy the heat and the classic looks.

#3 Kozy World GSD2845 Dual Fuel Gas Stove

This gas fireplace is also finished in dark steel and looks sober and classy. It is more powerful than the last two with a total power of 30,000 BTUs and can heat up to 1,250 square feet.

Since it is covered with a frontal glass, it doesn´t have any smell at all. The sides and back will remain cool enough to touch but the top will be hot enough to warm something up. I liked a lot that the control panel is covered by a door that shuts magnetically, which will keep my children safe.

The igniter works with the provided battery and the dual fuel input will have it working even if the gas supply goes down. The thermostat works really well and all adjustments are really easy to do in a very intuitive way.

#4 Pleasant Hearth Convertible Vent-Free Dual Fuel Fireplace

This gas fireplace is a more elegant 20,000 thousand BTUs it can heat up to 700 square feet fed with either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas. The dual fuel connection is great in case there´s a case of shortage of electrical power and gas.

The thermostat control knob will automatically maintain the desired heat level. The dual burner generates two lines of fire that look more like a real fire going on in your living room. The important safety measures that the fireplace features are the Oxygen Depletion Sensor and the Overheating Safety.

This way you can relax one hundred percent and have a better experience. I really like wood and furniture, if you do, this will make a great addition to your largest room. It can be installed next to a wall or even in a corner; there are no room restrictions to have a great time.

#5 Pleasant Hearth VFF-PH32DR Tobacco Full-Size Vent-Free Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace

This is the full size version of the Vent Free gas fireplace and it is impressive offering up to 32,000 BTUs to heat up 1,100 square feet at the time. The unit comes with a remote control to turn it on or off and also select the desired hotness.

I really liked that the remote control is a thermostat that can measure the temperature at the position of the fireplace or from the remote itself. It also features the dual line fire and safety features other Pleasant Hearth products have like Oxygen Depletion Sensor and an Overheat Safety.

I recommend you make the most out of the incredible looks and dress up the biggest room in the house while you stay warm and cozy next to a big cup of coffee.

#6 Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Vent Free Fireplace

This gorgeous gas fireplace can be easily confused with a piece of grade A furniture, since it is made out of chestnut oak. It features 30% polish to accent the excellent natural quality of the wood.

The looks are as great as the performance, providing 26,000 BTUs that can heat up 1,350 square feet by itself. The match with any kind of room is instantaneous; we highly recommend placing this great looking fireplace in a room where it can be appreciated, since it looks so good.

Other important features are the remote control operation, the Oxygen Depletion Sensor with auto turn-off and the battery driven piezo ignition. It also features five realistic ceramic fiber logs that are hand painted.


The best gas fireplace you can buy for 2024 is definitely one in this list. We tested them and, depending on your needs, they can all perform flawlessly. Another question we get a lot is where to buy a gas fireplace, our answer with this top six is Amazon where all these products can be found.

Winter is a special time of the year in which we spend more time at home, these gas fireplaces are easy to install and will make your winter and your home a lot warmer and comfortable. You also can buy a gas fireplace insert for your existing fireplace

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